Heavy Duty Dock System. Built Tough.

Aluminum and wood docks are great for rough
areas or deep water. You can’t beat the
strength and durability!

Alummikon dock invites you to take a look at the quality workmanship and design of our aluminum, cedar and vinyl boat docks.. Alummikon design standards include; non-corrosive stainless steel nuts & bolts, as well as a lightweight all-aluminum frame.

Alummikon Stationary Docking Systems are a revolutionary idea in solid beam aluminum docks. By means of a new Stanchion Based Support System (SBSS), the dock legs are supported with a reinforcing sleeve and braces, providing added support. The beauty of the SBSS is that all bracing and components can be initially set up while the dock is still on the shore and easily adjusted by the twist of a screw conveniently located within reach of the top of the dock.

Another benefit of the SBSS is the possibility of infinite level adjustment increments. Unlike various other docking systems on the market today with preset adjustment levels, the SBSS has set screws that firmly clamp the pipe legs into position by pinpoint high pressure, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to suit installation needs.

The SBSS also works as a pipe driving guide allowing for the aluminum pipe to be driven into the lake bottom, securing the stationary dock; the same time tested principles used in large wharf pilings. Other dock systems on the market do not drive their posts through the ground, and this in turn allows for docks to float along the lake bottom instead of being secured down and in position.

Stationary docks are great for any water depth and our Alummikon dock sections are unique in the market in terms of support, durability, and stability.

  • Alummikon takes great pride in their dock designs and the quality of workmanship that is put into them.
  • Alummikon ensures to provide you with creative designs and concepts to build your very own dream dock system.
  • Alummikon takes an educational approach to dock planning, enabling our valued customers to make informed decisions.
  • Alummikon is famous for high quality docks and dock hardware, and our reputation for service is outstanding.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Great for Deep Water
  • Designed to Withstand Rough Conditions
  • Easy Install & Easy Removal
  • Light Weight
  • Pop Out Decking
  • Comes In Vinyl, Aluminum, or Cedar
  • Pipe Feet Reinforce the Docks Stability
  • Offers Extra Support and Durability With Our Unique Stanchion Feature.

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