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We offer a wide range of dock accessories!

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Dock accessories and dock hardware includes ladders, stairs, boat bumpers, moorings, mooring whips, cleats and more!

Gang Planks– Standard gang planks come in 4×10, or 6×10 with all three
decking options available; cedar, aluminum or vinyl.

Handrails- We offer custom railings available upon request.

Fixed Stairs- 3 or 4-foot wide stairs provide comfortable steps with a 7-inch rise, 12-inch run, a gradual 30º slope, with an anti-slip surface with hand rails. Our fixed stairs come in either aluminum or sure step decking and are made to order.

Adjustable Stairs– the pitch and rise is adjustable, standard adjustable stairs come in 5 or 8 steps, with a 42” wide tread, and an overall width of 48”. Our adjustable stair comes in either Aluminum or with Evernew (vinyl) treads.

Standard Ladder-20 Degree angle, all aluminum, flip-up ladder.

Deluxe Ladder-20 Degree, wide tread, flip-up ladder. Comes with either aluminum or vinyl treads and allows for you to swing your ladder out of the water when not in use.

Galvanized Steel Cleat– 8” made from iron and dipped in hot galvanized steel.

Safety Cleats- come in 6” or 8”, and are a fold down cleat. Safety is the word that describes these cleats for you will not trip or stub your toe on them.

Benches- 4’ or 6’ Benches available in all three decking options: cedar, aluminum or vinyl.

Canoe and Kayak Racks- Store your canoe or kayak right on your dock!

Stand Up Paddle Board Racks-

Vertical Bumpers- Vertical cushion bumpers are made for our Alummikon and Alummilite docks and are 36” long, 4.5” wide, 2.0” rear recess, 2” deep.

Boarding Step- Boarding Step / Kayak Launch / Swim Platform.

Pipe foot- Our pipe feet stand out from the rest because our pipe feet have a hole in the center, allowing for the pipe to be driven into the lake bottom, adding more support and stability to your dock system.

Stanchion Brace Support System- (SBSS) is why our docks are better than the rest. Our stanchion system consists of tubular metal that fits around the dock posts and has arm braces in order to take away all lateral movement from the dock, making it one of the most trust worthy and durable dock systems on the market.

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