Ramps & Gangways

Alummikon Gangways are lightweight, durable and virtually maintenance free.

Our dock ramps and gangways are fabricated out
of high strength, marine aluminum alloy.

Our gangways and dock ramps offer access solutions for private waterfront residences, commercial waterfront or any facilities that need to be accessible to the general public. Whether you’re looking for an affordable aluminum gangway or dock ramp for your home, a commercial aluminum gangway for your marina, or a heavy-duty aluminum gangway for an industrial setting, we can design and build a gangway or ramp to meet all of your needs.

The marine alloy aluminum used in our gangways and dock ramps resists corrosion, will not rot, split, or rust, and does not require painting or other protective coatings. All of our gangways and dock access ramps have a grooved surface that provides slip resistance when dry or wet.

Our gangways and ramps are easier to handle than gangways or ramps of any other material because of the light weight aluminum; combine that with its strength and rugged construction, and we have built a durable and easy to move aluminum gangway or dock ramp.

They can be transported easily with your very own vehicle and in most cases, can be put into place or removed without cranes or special equipment.

The only difference between a dock ramp and a gangway is that ramps are typically 12-14’ in length with no railings, while gangways are 16-40’ in length with railings.

Decking Options for ramps and gangways are as follows: cedar, aluminum and Evernew, (vinyl).

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